Coates House – Bristol

Ocea will be converting this 28,000 sq. ft. disused commercial office space into approximately 56 residential apartments in Nailsea, near Bristol.

Purchased in May 2017, Coates House will be transformed into intelligently designed city-pads, single and two bed properties to meet the housing requirement for local families and individuals seeking accommodation close to Bristol.

This project is currently in the planning phase, and this profile will be updated throughout the development process, to demonstrate how Ocea and its investment partners breathe new life into unloved commercial properties. If you currently own a disused property, or would like to invest in a similar project, then please contact us at

During Conversion

25th July 2019

Coates House has launched!

The completion of the show flat dressing and the launch of sales for Coates House is a massive step on the project programme and we’re really pleased with the final result!

The significant milestone this period was the successful handover of the show flats and also completion of the flowcrete levelling compounds which has released many rooms for following trades who are now working systematically through the floor areas. The contractor has also commenced the ground floor insulation and screeds will be laid later this week. The AOV’s and roof hatch have also been fitted and the external elevations are being insulated and awaiting continuation of rendering next week.

With steady progress on the construction programme and a fantastic sales launch we’re really pleased with the progression at Coates House this month.

04th July 2019

This month at Coates House has seen some major milestones achieved!

The final completion of the 2 show flats have been completed and are now ready to be fitted with furniture this week ahead of the sales launch on the 20th July! The upgraded kitchen specification provided by Magnet looks brilliant and we can’t wait to see the final product once the interior designers have gone in.

Externally, the bike store concrete slab at the rear has been completed and the footpaths’ base layer has been formed and is now ready for the finished layer of resin.

The general fit-out across the scheme is on-going and the majority of the City Pad style units are beginning to take shape with the installation of the LCD screens taking place this month.

Make sure you keep a look out for the next update on the furnished show flats ready for launch!

04th June 2019

This month at Coates House has seen some major progress!

Most noticeably the hoarding graphics have been installed on site as part of our marketing process to help advertise our units for sale in the near future. This really starts to raise anticipation for much required housing in the local area.

Onsite, the final external boarding has been installed across all elevations and is now ready for the render to be commenced during the next period.

Internally, all party walls have now been installed across all 4 floors with first fix continuing throughout. As the show flats near completion with the first mist coat of decoration having been applied, we’re really beginning to see these fantastic apartments come together.

We’re looking forward to see the completed show flats next month!

25th April 2019

Another month has passed already passed at Coates House!

This month has seen M&E 1st fix continue across the scheme and partitions are now being closed up which has allowed commencement of installing ceilings and plastering. The removal of the existing roof coverings has been completed in preparation for new coverings to commence next week. The installation of the insulated render system has begun on the front elevation and is expected to continue throughout the duration of the build.

With the progression of window installation continuing we’re getting closer to getting the building back to water tight at which point we can really begin to get under way on the internal works.

Good progress this month!

04th April 2019

First fix electrical works are progressing well throughout and is nearing completion on the third floor and with 75% of all partitioning complete you can really begin to see the apartments coming together.

Steel framing for the extension to the rear of the building is now nearing completion and with the roof coverings being laid on the external terraces, you can now witness the incredible countryside views that these units will have to offer.

On the ground floor, the internal drainage has been constructed with the floor slab and DPM laid above, the contractor has now begun the construction of the partitioning for these units.

All the windows on the front elevation have now been fitted with further installation of windows to each side of building beginning over the next couple of weeks.

Great progress made this month by Pollard.

6th March 2019

This month at Coates House, some of the units are really starting to take shape with the internal walls of the apartments flying up on the first, second & third floors.

Overall, the contractor has made great progress this month with the completion of the steel works to the rear elevations along with the metal decking laid and concrete poured to the roof and first floor. First fix M&E began towards to the end of the month and this is now progressing well on the second and third floors as they work their way down the building.

Windows have now been successfully installed on the front elevation with the white interior giving a classic homely feel and the exterior anthracite colour providing the building with a new contemporary look!

It’s all really starting to come together now, and with the walls up, we’re extremely excited to see the finished product!

5th February 2019

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