Coates House – Bristol

Ocea will be converting this 28,000 sq. ft. disused commercial office space into approximately 56 residential apartments in Nailsea, near Bristol.

Purchased in May 2017, Coates House will be transformed into intelligently designed city-pads, single and two bed properties to meet the housing requirement for local families and individuals seeking accommodation close to Bristol.

This project is currently in the planning phase, and this profile will be updated throughout the development process, to demonstrate how Ocea and its investment partners breathe new life into unloved commercial properties. If you currently own a disused property, or would like to invest in a similar project, then please contact us at

During Conversion

February 5th 2019

January 10th 2019

January 4th 2019

December 5th 2018

Novermber 1st 2018

October 24th 2018

October 4th 2018

Before Conversion