Welcome to our Investors section.

If you are interested in investing with Ocea there are a couple of ways you can work with us. You can invest from just £500 with Ocea Bonds, or if you have £75k or more to invest please take a moment to watch the video at the bottom of this page and feel free to contact us for further information.

Ocea Bonds

6.85% 5 Year Bonds

Backed by UK Property

Ocea Bonds is your opportunity to benefit from our experience as a successful development company that has purchased or developed 19 properties, with a gross development value in excess of £100m. 

The money you lend to Ocea will be used to fund the purchase of commercial property and its conversion into high-quality, affordable housing for the first-time buyers’ market. 

All loans are secured against this property and are in high-demand areas in the South of England. 

Please note that all investment involves risk and that returns are not guaranteed. Please read the full risk warning on https://www.crowdfunds.net/risk before deciding to invest.

Key Takeaways

                                      • Invest from as little as £500
                                      • Eligible for tax-free returns with the Crowdfunds IFISA wrap 
                                      • 6.85% annual returns, backed by UK property
                                      • Paid quarterly
                                      • Ocea is a company with expertise and a history of success.  


How much do you hope to raise?
Our target raise is £2m, with an overfunding limit of £5m if the Bonds prove especially popular. 

What kind of financial instrument does Ocea Bonds use?
Ocea Bonds is a non-listed corporate bond (or ‘mini bond’) – a way for UK companies to borrow directly from the public by issuing IOUs. The investor lends money to a company for a set amount of time in return for a fixed amount. The terms of the bond are laid out in detail in the Ocea Bonds Investor (or ‘Invitation) Document. 

When do I get my original investment back?
All of your original investment will be returned at the end of the Term of the Bond – 04.06.2024.  

Who is UK Crowdfunds?

UK Crowdfunds is a fundraising business, established to give investors the opportunity to back great British businesses. The UK Crowdfunds team has over 20 years of experience in lending and investment and is involved in the development, establishment and distribution of the Ocea Bonds offer. Follow the link to visit their website: www.crowdfunds.net

How do I invest in Ocea Bonds?

To invest in Ocea Bonds, navigate to www.crowdfunds.net/invest/ocea-bonds, view the investor document and follow Crowdfunds’ simple online investment process.

 What do I do if my question wasn’t answered here?

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, you can call UK Crowdfunds on: 020 3930 8110 or email UK Crowdfunds at support@crowdfunds.net. 



Investing More Than £75k

please take a moment to watch the video at the bottom of this page and feel free to contact us for further information.


Investor Testimonials

They are clear on their strategy and execute it exceedingly well “I’ve been investing with Glenn, Justine and the Ocea team for 4 years now on total of 5 office-to-residential projects. I can categorically say that they are the best development partners I have worked with, bar none. They are clear on their strategy and execute it exceedingly well. There have been bumps in the road, as one expects, but the measure of the team is their open dialogue on all issues faced. Key is that Ocea do not simply share problems and points fingers, they come armed with their recommended solutions to discuss and agree jointly. I greatly value their partnership and approach. I would highly recommend working with Ocea to any investor looking for good returns from property development, on a secured asset, and backed by a highly competent team who help mitigate risk through their professionalism and proven experience”
“I have confidently invested in property developments with Glenn and Justine for over 5 years now. Due to my trust in their professionalism I have increased my invested funds from £60k to over £4m. Their attention to detail and market knowledge gives me faith in the security of these investments. Properties sourced by Ocea have strong financials and offer great returns, which is why I continue to invest with them.”
“We attended Glenn’s commercial conversion mentoring program and were hugely impressed with his expertise, his attention to detail, his creativity and his and ability to get the maximum benefit from any conversion. We are relatively risk-averse investors and have invested with Glenn and Justine with complete confidence and watching the process evolve has only increased our confidence. We will continue to invest with Glenn and Justine and feel privileged to be part of their investment program”