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A Note From Glenn

“Ocea’s goal is to provide a new rung on the property ladder for first-time buyers, by providing sustainably
designed apartments without compromising style and at an accessible price.

For our investors, this creates an opportunity to help tackle a serious housing problem and
make a healthy return on their investment at the same time.”



The Problem


• One of the greatest challenges facing our most successful towns and cities is the provision of affordable housing.


• A lack of new housing developments and a rapidly rising population have created an urgent need for new sources of affordable UK housing.


• UK housebuilders are falling short of government targets by around 100,000 properties a year.


• Homelessness is on the rise across the country.

The Opportunity

Transforming under-used commercial property into high demand residential real estate.

• The Government and Local Authorities are already committed to addressing this problem.

• Several initiatives are increasing the supply of properties suitable for first-time buyers, notably Prior Approval.

• Under the Prior Approval scheme, some commercial-to-residential property conversions no longer need to go through the full planning process.

This Means:

• More properties are available for repurposing.

• Shorter development timelines (should equate to lower costs).

• Increased planning approvals and almost no risk of refusal.

• Higher projected profitability due to faster completion of developments.

• Reduced costs associated with red tape.


Part of the Solution

Transforming under-used commercial property into high demand residential real estate.


 • There is a lucrative gap in the market for a business with the right expertise and track record.


• Our company has the know-how, talent and resources to plug this gap.


•We have considerable experience in obtaining the correct permissions to undertake redevelopment.


• Having completed or secured numerous projects and delivered many 100’s of apartments, we are continually streamlining our already optimised development process.


Solution Focused, And Proven


• Ocea is already a leader in this field.


• The business has profited from every one of its completed/sold developments.


• The business provides investors an opportunity to earn a target fixed rate return, while investing in the conversion of office space into high quality affordable housing.


• We target a return of at least 20% on cost per project, thereby establishing a track record of securing a consistent and healthy return.


Ocea’s Strategy

Ocea believes it has identified three key strategic drivers fundamental to the success that it has enjoyed already, and that will fuel its growth over the
next three to five years.

Infographic 1
Infographic 2
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Ocea’s Track Record

To date Ocea has:


• Never lost money on a Prior Approval project.


• Undertaken numerous projects thus far.


• Successfully sold new stylish homes, mainly to first-time buyers.


• Developed a strong pipeline of developments.


Learning Journey

Ocea offer an involved and full learning experience for those interested to increase their knowledge of the developer role.

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Investor Testimonials

“I’ve been investing with Glenn, Justine and the Ocea team for 4 years now on total of 5 office-to-residential projects. I can categorically say that they are the best development partners I have worked with, bar none.

They are clear on their strategy and execute it exceedingly well. There have been bumps in the road, as one expects, but the measure of the team is their open dialogue on all issues faced. Key is that Ocea do not simply share problems and points fingers, they come armed with their recommended solutions to discuss and agree jointly.

I greatly value their partnership and approach. I would highly recommend working with Ocea to any investor looking for good returns from property development, on a secured asset, and backed by a highly competent team who help mitigate risk through their professionalism and proven experience”


“I have confidently invested in property developments with Glenn and Justine for over 5 years now. Due to my trust in their professionalism I have increased my invested funds from £60k to over £4m. Their attention to detail and market knowledge gives me faith in the security of these investments.

Properties sourced by Ocea have strong financials and offer great returns, which is why I continue to invest with them.”


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